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Namesta! Greetings from HSG India

Evolving Our Worship

Yes, this is what the stage and praise and worship looks like at HSG India now. This amazing transformation began during Pastor Samuel Thilak’s visit to HSG KL last year. A wind of inspiration came upon him and active steps were taken to make things better. The lighting system was upgraded and a fog machine was installed.

DSCN9355 DSCN0181 DSCN9462

Pastor Prince David got some bright ideas and decided to add light effects. Whoa! A little certainly can go a long way…. and it’s true. Our congregation now enjoys an enhanced ambiance and atmosphere, especially during praise and worship.

IMG_9430 IMG_9437

Engaging The Community:
Their ‘business’ is our business

Yes, indeed. An interesting way of engaging our community is through our ‘Ready-made Mobile Toilet’ project – where we identify needy families in our community and provide them with free ready-made mobile toilets. So far, we have given out three of these ready-made toilets to three widows. Some of you might find this a trivial matter, but to these families it is a very real need. Pastor Benny Moses has even opened a grocery shop to help generate funds to support  the project.

_MG_2069 3

This project has even gotten the affirmation of the local authorities! Our long-term goal is to provide 1000 toilets to 1000 homes.

We’re Expanding

HSG India is also undergoing our 3rd phase of expansion—construction of the church office and a children’s church. We are proud to say that we have also started our first vision faith promise collection in 2014. We believe that God will further empower members of HSG India for the expansion of His kingdom.

We are also happy to report that two of our HSGGM India churches have started constructing their church buildings, with the promise of a new place to gather and worship.

Pr. Prem (Bhadson)





Hello there, or as we say in the Philippines, “Mabuhay”



Cavite, Philippines

With consistent attendance and the recent addition of new members, the church in Cavite is now preparing to launch our 2nd service on Sunday! Our youth has also recently multiplied into two carecells!

Also, Pastor Eric’s involvement in schools on the prevention of drug abuse has received great response from the police department and we believe his work there will further impact the lives of the younger generation!

photo (3)



Pampanga, Philippines

The church in Pampanga is now planning further expansion of the present Sanctuary, with the purchase of land next to the church. As the church walks in faith and obedience to purchase the land, Pastor Lani experienced God’s hand moving, seeing how ownership has become a part of her church members’ lifestyle.

The church members are eager to contribute to the expansion, not only in their giving of finances but also in their expertise and time. As a church, we have organized fund raising functions such as mini concerts, family dinners, selling fabric conditioners, even soaps and perfumes!

We are looking into the very real possibility of building a café on the ground floor, which would be a source of income to the church. What’s more, we plan to rent the halls for functions, blessing the community, whilst being an additional income stream for the church.

“Being part of HSGGM changed my understanding on how we should serve God. It is not just praying, fasting and believing (which are important) but it is more about doing, believing, taking steps to realize our dreams and making things happen by using the resources and potential that God has given to us.”—Pastor Lani

lani DSCN1753


Tagum City, Phillippines

The installation of new window grills and two additional rooms were the latest addition to Tagum City’s church construction. A newly added area also provides a space for members to rest whenever there are church activities plus a 4 meter-long dish washing area.

DSC02619 DSC02618


Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The initial implementation of the carecell system in Nigeria had a bumpy start with some church members facing difficulty adapting to the system. However, Pastor Joseph Uzomba continued to persevere and was eventually rewarded with success as the church experienced steady growth. There was added encouragement with increasing members responding positively to the carecell system.

“Many are beginning to see the carecell system’s purpose and what we do is in line with the Kingdom of God”—Pastor Joseph.

The church continues to pursue growth through the carecell system; connecting with their members on personal levels.





Besides classes, the school in Guogan China also organizes other activities to encourage students to interact with one another. One of such activity is Sports Day, which created much excitement among the students. The church in China has also been constantly engaging with their community, through concerts and outdoor events.




Kota Kinabalu, East MalaysiaDSC_0052

Our church in Kota Kinabalu now has three carecells and the youth cell is showing great signs of growth. There has been tremendous response from the youth carecells as they were able to rally their friends to participate in carecell activities, eventually integrating their friends as part of the carecell.

Pastor Ariffin who is currently leading a carecell of twelve people has been seeing great changes in his church members’ lives, especially his leaders. “Some were promoted in their jobs or got salary hikes while they are committed to lead carecell and serve God in their carecells.”




Hope Learning Center, Kota Kinabalu

Under the care of Pastor Michael Liman, Hope Learning Center currently has about 430 students from ages five to eighteen. With the hope of improving the quality of education offered, Pastor Michael has arranged to have trainers from Goducate Philippines to train the teachers and to upgrade the teaching materials.

The center has also recently organized a health talk for parents on topics such as drug addiction and family planning. A total of 275 parents participated and expressed their gratitude for organizing the talk. For some, it was their first time attending a talk of such nature.





Greetings from Burma!
“Mingalar Bar” or “have good things unto you”.

Light Shines Brightest In The Dark

Unfortunately the update from Burma starts with some rather sad news. My wife Josephine @ Htay Htay Htun went home to the Lord on 19th July 2014 Saturday morning 4:50 am.

NICKI (306)

I received words of comfort and condolence from HSGGM immediately.
I understand HSGGM could not attend the funeral service on Monday, the 21st of July because there was insufficient time to apply for a visa as it was the weekend.

We were so glad though when Richard Tan and his wife Florence from HSGGM, managed to make it for the memorial service. The act of coming and supporting us with a love gift was indeed a huge encouragement to our family. Richard brought with him a short video clip featuring Josephine’s involvement during Project Barnabas, which was such a comfort to my family.

0 (465)

A few months later, Pastor Deborah and Nancy came to visit my family and we brought her to Josephine’s grave. They prayed for us, showing us much kindness and compassion. They also encouraged me to have dinner with my daughters at least once a month at a restaurant to help me through this difficult period. It was a great and practical suggestion, too.

My family and I are very thankful to HSGGM for your love, support and encouragement. Thank you.


The Miracle of Healing 

There have been many wonderful reports from Pastor Joshua (Vietnam), but this particular encounter is proof that our God is real and He is a God
of miracles.

Pastor Joshua has often prayed for the sick, but this was the first time a lame woman came to the altar call for healing. In his mind, he so was afraid that if the woman remained unhealed after praying, it would be extremely awkward and perhaps a little embarrassing.

However, he was reminded from the bible that God is the one who does the healing and all he needed to do was to believe that God can do that through him. So he just laid his hands and proclaimed healing in Jesus’ name.

Amazingly, the woman, who was sitting in a wheel chair stood up and started to walk slowly! People around who witnessed this miraculous healing were astonished, including the woman’s four family members who were present. With such an astonishing display of the power of God and the ultimate conviction of the realness of Jesus, her family immediately accepted Christ!


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