Sabah Humanitarian Trip

A team of 6 people embarked on a journey to East Malaysia Sabah, for a medical trip, as well as meeting up with the leaders of the kota kinabalu team.


Though it was a team that was made up of individuals from various walks of life and experiences, yet each one of them had something valuable to contribute, to bring to the the table.
The result?
Not only have they become a catalyst for God to work life-defining wonders for the children and other people there, but they themselves have experienced a journey of miracles, meaning and joy.

Dr JeIMG_9950ssica liew
Medical Doctor by profession,
HSG Carecell leader

When I first contacted the drug company to request for 320 doses of deworming
medication, I was informed by the staff that they may not be willing to donate such a large quantity. Nonetheless, I persevered and managed to get in touch with the manager of the company who agreed to donate 400 doses to us!

I went on to explain that we only needed 320 doses but she insisted that it is always better to prepare for more in case more children showed up during the sessions. It may have been a simple act of charity on the part of the drug company, but I was touched by God’s favour shown in the whole process, and how He causes events to fall into place for those who serve Him.

Timothy LauIMG_0036
Medical student from IMU
HSG carecell leader 2008-2012

Preparation for the trip began a month prior, but God saw to it through that everything we needed for the children was provided for – toothbrushes, deworming medications and multivitamins – enough to cater to over 300 students.

I embarked on this trip with the mindset of making a difference in people’s lives, but what I realize now is that this trip made me a different person – one who appreciates life more, and who is now ready to use my God-given talent for God’s work. Our effort in this trip may seem like a drop of water in the ocean but for the people receiving, it is like a drop of water in the desert.

Ho Kuan Fai
Biotech student
HSG Carecell core team member

This is my first time going on a mission trip and all I wanted was to help others who are in need. When I first saw the living conditions of the stateless children I could not believe my eyes. However, the happiness in the children’s eyes as they made do with their situation, inspired me. I realized then that I have so much more in my life in the big city to be grateful for. I realized too how much more can be done to change the world that these children are living in.


Two young ladies had their eyes opened to the challenges faced by many right in their own nation. Here are their reflections on what they have learned from this trip. 


Sueen Thoosabah_3
Graphic Designer
HSG Carecell leader

“The highlight of my trip was the opportunity to teach the children at Hope Learning Centre. It really moved me to see how excited they were to learn and how smart and full of potential they really are. Some of them were really fast learners, quickly applying every bit of knowledge we shared and soaking it all in like a sponge.”


Chua Su Ean
College Student
Spiritual Parent

“This trip has helped me be thankful for everything I have such as food to eat everyday, clothes to wear and access to quality education because the children at the settlement do not get that. In spite of that and the environment that they are in, the children are so full of energy and willingness to learn. Their attitude motivated me to interact with them, teach them and also to become a positive role model in their lives.”

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