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New Developments

Over the last two and a half years, the church in Patiala, India has seen great improvement in its construction building plans. Presently the Sanctuary and the top floor of the building has been completed. Similarly, three churches in the different districts of India are further undertaking the last phases of construction and renovations of their respective church buildings. In addition, there is great excitement in the air with the increased growth found in the congregation of Patiala over the past months.

There has also been noticeable improvement in the praise and worship sessions in the church in Patiala with the purchase a new sound system for the Sanctuary, thanks to the financial assistance of HSGGM.

IMG_8157 IMG_8173

A new venue has been built for the children’s ministry, which gives them a place to worship God, to grow and to learn.

The next phase of construction will be concentrated on the building of a new church office and classrooms for the children ministry. Pastor Samuel hopes to further provide new studying equipment and better facilities for the children.


Dare to Believe

Cavite, Philippines

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Following the high floods in 2010, the construction of the building for Freedom Worship Center had been troubled with insufficient funds. Knowing that there was no way around it, Pastor Eric prayed for wisdom to create resources in order to see the construction to its completion. At the same time, the members began helping out and contributing resources to the project. Within a year, the ground floor was ready, and the building was completed just in time for their Anniversary in September 2013.


laniPampanga, Philippines

It was Project Barnabas Conference 2013 when Ps. Lani was challenged to expand the church by purchasing the adjoining vacant lot. The expansion was seen as a challenging financial endeavour. After many long prayer sessions, meetings and negotiations, the lot was bought. Ps. Lani shared the undertaking of the project with the entire congregation. Inspired, the congregation has managed to accumulate a building fund which has paid off 35% of the property.

Ps. Lani was proud to share how some of the students in her congregation had assisted in the contribution. Today, Ps. Lani’s team is eagerly working on hosting a mini concert, and a potential business in sales to assist the building fund. They are hopeful that God will open the doors needed to reach their goal.


Tagum City, Philippines

The church started building its premises in 2012. As the church construction progressed, the venue has been utilized for various Thanksgiving and Christmas Events, and Leadership Training. In May 2014, the construction was officially completed in time for the building dedication. The church is now working on implementing the carecell system.


Clear Waters

110_0055 Drlling2

Pastor Jack and the church in Thailand have successfully installed a water pump for the community. Now, every family has access to clean water, thanks to the generosity of HSGGM. Music instruments has also been added as part of the new church equipment, enhancing the church services. The people of Buayai, Thailand thank everyone in HSGGM for their help and support.


Assisting Community Education

In 2013, HSGGM supported the building of the teachers’ hostel, students’ hostel, toilet, and the students’ & teachers’ kitchen for the school in Guogan, China.
Late in the year, however, a storm came and blew away some of the wooden partitions that made up the walls of the classrooms, leaving the school exposed to the elements. Reconstruction of the classrooms has since started, and they are working to replace the old wooden partitions with concrete walls.

Seeing the success of the school, the villagers have asked Pastor Li’s team to take over the two other abandoned schools in the area. As they work towards making all three schools fully operational, they remain hopeful that they will be able to build a secondary school for the children, who are rapidly growing up.


Accelerated Growth

Recently, 814 people heard the Gospel of Jesus through the church services, evangelistic meetings, and personal witness. A total of 248 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

17 people were officially baptized while two additional cell groups were newly planted.

The growth in Vietnam has been tremendous, showing God’s favour to the local Agape Churches which are stretched out in fifteen of Vietnam’s provinces.

So far, 2014 has been a year of miracles.



More to ComeIMG_8891

Pastor Ariffin and the church in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, has given their church building a fresh coat of paint, breathing new life and beauty into their environment. It has attributed  to a better ambience and atmosphere for church functions, and an uplift of church members’ pride towards the church.



Land Expansion

After some disputes, the church in Nigeria has at last recovered the 4 plots of land that they had bought in 2009. Since Pastor Deborah’s visit in 2012, they have stepped out in faith and bought 4 more plots. Together with the church, Pastor Joseph is trusting God that they will be able to begin building on the land soon, so that they may expand and have their own church building. They also hope to establish a school to support the church.





Hope in Progress

Here in Ghana, the church has recently bought a piece of land, and is in the progress of building the church. Currently, the church looks forward to the promising experience of establishing the carecell system after the recent Spiritual Training sessions conducted in Ghana by HSGGM’s KL team.

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