Lessons on wealth by Kevin Loke

From Rags to Rewards: The right mindsets will change your life


After living, studying, and working in Australia for 16 years, I moved back to Malaysia with my family, mainly because we felt in God that our return would be a new phase in our lives. Besides, we wanted our children to grow up in an Asian culture, understanding the value of relationships with each extended family member, from cousins, uncles, aunties to their grandparents.

It was the mid-1990s then. We moved into a nice terrace house in OUG, and I joined HSG on February 1, 1995. What makes my story interesting is that I started from the bottom. In I997, I was in a ditch financially. We lost all our savings from Australia in the stock market crash during the Asian financial crisis. With every day that passed, our finances were drying up and our wallets getting tighter.

For many years, I struggled with the message of Spiritual Restoration and Economic Empowerment because my actual experience did not align with what I heard from the pulpit. I believed in this message, yet I only experienced lukewarm success. I even sold jerry cans by the road side in Taman Desa during the water crisis in 1997 to improve our financial position. I used to say to myself, “I am a qualified professional engineer with a master’s degree, and Lee Chu was a successful financial controller in Australia. What on earth are we doing selling jerry cans by the roadside with one house and two mortgages?”

My real breakthrough happened when I learned how to receive God’s anointing. In 2009 during the watch night service, Pastor Daniel said, “If anyone wants to be a millionaire, learn to ride on my anointing.” I said, “Yes Lord, I will ride on Pastor’s anointing as a springboard to my own anointing.”

What Man may need 5 years to achieve, God can do it in 5 seconds

Things then started to improve without any tangible reasons. My investment in the stock market multiplied a few folds within a span of about 12-15 months. God also gave me wisdom on how, and what, to invest in the real estate. 70% of our wealth was accumulated during the last 3 years, and to me, this is unbelievable. “What Man may need 5 years to achieve, God can do it in 5 seconds.”

Dr. Pat Francis, a speaker from America, opened my eyes to see that my mindset was stopping me from becoming successful. I thought that a Christian cannot be successful in the business world as the world is corrupted. But Dr. Pat Francis said that the world is like a zoo: it would not be complete without the cunning and dangerous animals – just like the business world is not complete without conmen and people who are out to make use of us. The key, I learned, is to know how to handle these people when you meet them. I began to see myself as someone who is able to be successful in the business world, while at the same time holding on to my Christian principles.



We are able to give when we see a need.Because God has given us so much, we can just give freely.

Little by little, bit by bit, I moved forward, and with the combined power of the right mindset and the favour of God, I started to become successful. For those of you looking to be successful in the business world: once you understand the principles of business and you combine it with the favour of God, it is easy to be prosperous. By riding on God’s anointing and blessing, and at the same time obeying the rules of success and the commandments of God, you will be able to find your success.

I have come a long way since. Both Lee Chu and I are able to do more with our newfound financial freedom. We are able to give when we see a need. Because God has given us so much, we can just give freely.

I found that because of the journey I have had with God, I have become more confident – I know that He will always come through for me. I am a product of the message that works, and I have been blessed by it. Inside me, I feel that this is just the beginning. There is so much more that can be done – not so much about what money can do for me, but about what God can do, through me for His kingdom’s sake.


I believe that there are greater days ahead.

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