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Throughout the year, teams are sent to various nations to conduct training to help the churches in their transition and establishment of the Care Cell System amongst their congregation.
In most trips, a pastoral team will be joined by lay leaders and members who not only assist in the training, but also get to experience the environment, both spiritual and physical, of the churches at which they are located.



February 2013
Bua Yai, Thailand

April 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

July 2013
Tagum City, Philippines

August 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

September 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

October 2013


HSGGM has been entrusted with the honour of not only providing the spiritual infrastructure of our churches around the world, but also to contribute to the sociological aspect as well. Among the most significant example of this is  demonstrated in China and Vietnam
Training Trip: Ruili, China
Date: 28 July–9 August 2013
Objective: Teachers’ Enhancement Course, Leadership Training, Spiritual Parent Training


Christine Lim
Logistic Manager, China Country Coordinator & HSG Children Church Core-Team Leader

DSC04614To be temporarily away from work and be in the mission field adds a lot of meaning to my life. It is the profound self-realization that it is not just about me, but that I am part of something bigger with HSGGM.


The impact of our actions is more far reaching that one can imagine.

This trip meant a lot to me as a project on education, training and development is always special and dear to my heart. I was honoured to be the interpreter for Ps. Deborah and Ps. Daniel in the Spiritual Parenting and Leadership Training sessions and I learnt a lot in the process. It is an amazing feeling, knowing that you are making a difference… it is just amazing and life changing!


Linda Kee
Teacher by Profession, HSG Children Church Core-Team Leader

DSC04496I was given the opportunity to equip and train 20 young teachers in the Guogan schools up in the mountainous area near Ruili.
It was a long, long 12 hour trip to reach our destination but we were looking forward to the task ahead to see God use us for a ministry that I have always been passionate about – ministry to children. I believe God raised me for just the time as this, because I have just retired from 34 years serving as a teacher in a national school.

We had a very fruitful time ministering to these people. I felt very honoured to be used by God for this meaningful task of playing a role to help equip these young people to be more effective teachers, workers and leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.


Training Trip: vietnam
Date: 23–27 september 2013
Objective: Leadership Training, Spiritual Parent Training



Jenny Chong
Country Manager for a medical device company. vietnam country coordinator

IMG_6612It is truly interesting to participate in a mission trip; you get involved with the pastors and leaders there. From the start, there would be a connection with the people there. They truly become part of your family, where you will remember them in prayer. After a mission trip, you would not be just an observer during PB, but an active participant. You would even look forward to welcoming the Pastors back and be glad for the opportunity to look after them when they are here.

In one of the trips, we met up with the youth group in Vietnam. After a time of P&W and sharing, we prayed for them and God moved through us through prophecies and prayers of encouragement. There was inner healing that took place in that session. We received feedback from some of the youth, mentioning that they were encouraged by our stories.

It felt amazing to know that God has also used us through the prayer time to provide answers and confirmation on another person’s prayer and hope in their ministry and work place. It amazes me God chose to use Danny and myself who are ordinary church members; neither teachers, nor pastors, nor prophets, to minister to His people.

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