Healed From Incurable Sickness – Sharon Teoh


God had indeed been good to me. I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ for having healed me and answered our prayers.

Sharon Teoh (Trustee For Private Debt Securities)


In my early 20s, I was suffering from bouts of terrible menstrual cramps. It was so bad that I would be on medical leave and spending most of my day rolling in bed or curling up into a ball, all the while groaning in pain. Oftentimes I would fall asleep out of sheer pain and exhaustion.

Your usual pain killer is 500mg but the pain for me was so excruciating that I was taking 750mg pain killers which kept me pain free for only 30 minutes. I was advised to take a maximum of 4 tablets a day.

A visit to a non-regular gynecologist revealed that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Multiple pea-sized ulcers were scattered across both my ovaries.

Despite being diagnosed as benign, I was at risk of being barren and suffer more pain if the ulcers were left to spread. The only way of removal was a laser operation that would burn off the ulcers which cost RM6000 with no guarantee of non-recurrence. To prevent further spreading, the gynecologist placed me on hormone pills, assuring me of no major irreversible side effects except that I may lose some hair or gain some weight.

During the 2 years period of consuming this drug, I prayed, asking God for complete healing.

In 2008, a regular check-up with another gynecologist strangely revealed that I had no traces of PCOS at all.

Ovary scan(Scan Result of the PCOS ulcers)

During the scan, the doctor’s exact words were: “What PCOS? Nothing.” The scan result showed that both my ovaries were completely unspotted unlike the previous scan. I was so thrilled and exclaimed that the medication must have cured me, but the doctor explained that PCOS could not be cured by any medication.

He confirmed that it could only be treated by laser operation. Then it dawned on me that our prayers had been answered and God had indeed miraculously healed me!

Today I have a beautiful 2-year old daughter Shervon and a 7-month old son, Reynold.
Praise God!

God had indeed been good to me. I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ for having healed me.


Our prayers had been answered and God had indeed miraculously healed me! 


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  1. Claire says:

    I am happy to see so many of our HSG Members experiencing miracles from our dear lord & saviour. Thou god does answer prayers, at his own right time fulfilling our every wishes. But I do hope that one day, I too have a share to write my great miracles & experience which I shall be encoutering with our lovely Jesus. I know and trust that Jesus is indeed on his way to create my new life filled with real life miracles. I cannot wait to experience my fair share of miracles. I love you Jesus. ..

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