God Fixed My Broken Family

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Sharing and learning together with the others in the carecell made me wiser and more confident while bringing positive change to my life 

Grace Chin (Self Employed)

My children and I used to be victims of my husband’s bad temper. His every word was a command and he would be verbally abusive whenever he spoke to me. I could do nothing except to remain silent. Feeling helpless and all alone, I kept quiet for the sake of my children. I often sobbed when no one was looking. Over time, bitterness and resentment towards my husband grew in my heart.

This was the atmosphere in my life and family before I knew Christ.

My first encounter with God was when I started attending my sister’s carecell in November 2010. Initially I was quite reluctant to go but after numerous invitations, I decided to try it out.

While I was there, I was surprised to find a sense of belonging that I had been yearning for a long time. The comfort, peace and joy that I felt was beyond description.

There was so much warmth, love and encouragement all around and I soon found myself eagerly looking forward to this enjoyable gathering every week.

(Grace with her carecell friends)

Shortly after attending the carecell a few more times, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Sharing and learning together with others in the carecell made me wiser and more confident while bringing positive changes to my life. I learnt how to read Bible and pray every day. The importance of obeying God’s word and most of all, the importance of forgiveness.



I soon discovered that as I persevered in prayer, my husband slowly began to become a kinder person. As I started attending church, my son also accepted Christ and now he is attending a youth carecell. Recently he was awarded by his school for his outstanding performance in his studies. It is a clear indication of God’s blessing in his life.

All these little miracles that God has done in my life had turned my entire life around and I feel so blessed.

Now my prayer is that I will see all of my family members and loved ones come to receive God’s love and miracle and experience His blessing in their lives too.


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