God Saved My Business


After a good two-year run, we were all cast out into the open and had to fight our way back in.

The announcement came in 2011 that with the opening of the new airport in town, all operations in the old building were to be moved over. As the resident luggage wrapping business, we naturally thought that we were moving there with everyone else.

We found out later that this was not what they had in mind.

The tender went open for every business. After a good two-year run, we were all cast out into the open and had to fight our way back in. We had to earn our rights—prove our worth—in order to move into the new building. That happened, and the contract went to another company. Some other blokes were going to be the new resident luggage wrapping business. Not us.

Hermant's blue airport

“God did not give us the miracle in 2009 only to take it away now. he will see us through again. he will make another miracle happen.”

As it is with bad reports of every sort, news spread around quickly. We assured our employees that they had nothing to worry about, and that their livelihoods were not at stake; but it was like trying to save a book that had fallen into the bathtub. Fear and uncertainty seeped in, and many of them secretly went to look for work in other places.

Our luggage wrapping business was more than just another business to us. It was made possible through a miracle that God granted us in 2009: an evidence of His goodness in our lives. We could not bear the thought of having to let it go.

At the end of our rope, we prayed. There was little else that could be done. The contracts between the airport and the new company were already signed and filed.

The door was shut to us. In our disappointment, we prayed and hoped and prayed some more for a miracle.

“God did not give us the miracle in 2009 only to take it away now,” said my wife. “He will see us through again. He will make another miracle happen.”

It was the end of 2011. We prayed; and for a long time, nothing happened.

Hermant's blue baggages

The disconnect was real: on one hand we were praying and declaring that God will give us a breakthrough, and on the other we were seeing our employees drop off one by one despite our assurances. It did not look like anything was going to change.

The hardship was in God’s hands. We kept praying over the situation, believing that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way.

The call came in the middle of 2014. I was at home when my phone rang. It was one of their managers. Their new luggage wrapping company was not able to operate in the airport anymore, he said, and then asked if I was still interested in working with them.

There were less than 48 hours before the official opening of the airport. They needed an immediate answer; so immediately I answered with an enthusiastic “Yes”.

I found out what had happened later: the launch was initially scheduled for the middle of 2013. At that time, the other company was all set to begin operating. When the project was hit by unexpected delays, difficulties cropped up on their side and they had to drop out, creating an opening at the very last minute for us.

Where we had seen a dead end, God had made a way for us.

I was completely floored at how God managed to work everything around. My wife, on the other hand, gave a reaction that was more or less a cheeky, “I told you so.”

I remembered God’s words in Isaiah 45:2-3:

“I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places…”

When the doors opened to the public, we were there. The resident luggage wrapping business was ours again.

Where we had seen a dead end, God had made a way for us. It had taken two and a half years for us to get there, but we got there in the end; and for that, we only have God to thank.





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