Spiritual Restoration & Economic Empower Q&A

by Rev. Daniel Cheah


Q: How am I able to experience Spiritual Restoration & Economic Empowerment in my life?

Just like many things in life, we have to believe it before we can experience it. The same is true for SR and EE. Both are terms that indicate a consequence and a result, stemming from certain decisive actions.

Spiritual Restoration is the term denoting a person’s position spiritually, after he has been reconciled with God, through faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. This person is now a child of God, and spiritually, he is repositioned in his relationship with God, and now enjoys a place of favour with, and grace from Him.

The decisive action here is the choice to believe and embrace the finished work of Christ at the cross and confessing him as Lord and Saviour. Restoration is then completed and activated by the grace and power of God and witnessed by the Holy Spirit within.

Economic Empowerment denotes a person’s position economically, in regards to his/her financial ability and capacity. A person is economically empowered when he/she has the financial means necessary to meet his/her own personal needs, as well as what he/she is wants to fulfil in the desired life purpose and role in the Kingdom of God.

The decisive action here is believing in the goodness and love of God that He wants our lives to be complete and fulfilled. It is having faith in God’s will to prosper us and give us freely all things to enjoy, so that we have enough to meet our own needs and also be a blessing to others. When this is in our mind, we can now set out in confidence and put our hearts and strength to become a person with economic substance and means. This switch of mindset is critical to the process of becoming economically empowered. You are either advantaged or disadvantaged by your way of thinking.

 Economic Empowerment denotes a person’s position economically, in regards to his/her financial ability and capacity

Q: How is being Spiritually Restored linked to being Economically Empowered?

In 2 Peter 1:3, the Scriptures clearly spells out the provision of God which is available to all those who are His. These provisions are for a fulfilled life, both in the spiritual and physical aspects, which are locked into the promises of God, and further found in the message of Christ’s redemption programme.

Therefore, when a person is reconciled to God, he/she is able to tap into these promises of God, which give liberty and wisdom in the mind and spirit, to dig into the full potential of life, and to fully harvest the opportunities surrounding him/her. Thus, the person is now economically empowered. However, a clarification must be inserted here: nothing said here undermines the necessity of skills, wisdom, understanding and knowledge in any economic engagement.

Salvation in the Scriptures encompasses a future, both in eternity and for the present time. In other words, it is God’s will that we have a happy eternity, as well as happiness in our present lives. While the will of God is clear for both areas, the experience is not automatic. In the matter of our eternal future, for example, while a place is obtained for us the moment we believe in Christ, the rewards however, are determined by what we do while on earth.

Likewise, for Economic Empowerment, it is not automatic, whether we will live Economically-Empowered lives or not, it depends on how we work on it. The wonderful truth is that we can be assured of God’s grace and favour working constantly for us.

It is a wonderful feeling of peace and strength when we know that our economic pursuits have God’s pleasure in it. Studies have shown that when a person works with an inner sense of peace and confidence in whatever he does, he usually does it better, and success becomes inevitable!

The real link is that contained within Spiritual Restoration, is the grace and will of God to enable us to be economically empowered. Since we are now able to pursue the divine purpose of reaching the world, which requires us to have more than enough resources (both financially and in terms of manpower), God’s grace and provision is able to come through and help us accomplish this great purpose.

Our spiritual restoration positions us to succeed by giving us the sense of tranquility which comes from an inner feeling of well being and the feeling of hope and possibility which comes from the knowledge that God is 100% for us. All these positive vibes in turn help us to concentrate and give our best to our pursuits, which then lead us to be economically empowered as we succeed!

The real link is that contained within Spiritual Restoration, is the grace and will of God to enable us to be economically empowered.

Q: Is the Message of Economic Empowerment all about Money?

No, the message of Economic Empowerment is definitely not just about getting money; it is about getting sufficient resources to live out the God-given life and dream in each one of us. To do this, it is important that we break free and lay aside the prejudices and biases most people harbour about money.

Money is a means and a medium through which we transact and procure things or opportunities, to express ourselves. It is a form and extension of ourselves. You spend the whole day working for your company, using your talents, training and experience to benefit or add value to your work.

What do your employers give you in return? They pay you a wage or salary in the form of money! In other words, for all the gifts, talents, training and experience you expend in the course of your work (which essentially amounts to a portion of your life!), you receive a financial compensation in the form of money.

Every month when you receive your pay, you are actually receiving a return of your spent life for the whole month, converted into the form of money! As such, money itself cannot be evil! Money is in fact, the measure of the worth of your life!

The message of Economic Empowerment is therefore not about getting money. Instead, it is a message informing us that because our lives have great value, we can create lots of money, since the quantity of money equals the quality and strength of our lives! So it is not about getting money per se; rather, it is about realizing what money is, and realizing too, our ability to create it, since money is the product of our lives.

No one needs to be short of money if we believe our lives have some value since money is really that value!

It is a message informing us that because our lives have great value, we can create lots of money, since the quantity of money equals the quality and strength of our lives

Q: Is the Message of Spiritual Restoration limited to being more Prayerful?

Absolutely not! Spiritual Restoration is a state of being, a position of reconciliation and oneness with God and His original plan for mankind. When we speak of restoration, we refer to the action or process of being placed back into the original state or position. So it is not just about prayer, though prayer is clearly one of the activities.

The whole concept of Spiritual Restoration is the going back to, or the returning to, the original plan and position that God has created and given to mankind. It encompasses the whole understanding and realization of one’s repositioning to God’s original creation order, where we have fellowship and access to God, as well as the authority and responsibility to co-rule with Him.

Spiritual Restoration covers the whole lifestyle of the person and is not just limited to only certain aspects. It is a restoration of fellowship, worship, service and stewardship, which flow out of our relationship with God.

Q: After applying the message of Spiritual Restoration and Economic Empowerment into my life, what comes next?

You can now move forward to fulfil your destiny, and in the process, leave behind a legacy, since you have both the relationship with Christ, and the resources to carry out His calling in your life! As you progress towards this direction, you are now living the abundant life!

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