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HSGGM and Project Barnabas have been established with the purpose to equip and empower nations. We are here to serve and to join hands in creating a positive difference in the world. Over the last 18 years, many pastors and nations have been reached through HSGGM.

Today, HSGGM’s family spans across 10 nations and continues to grow. Three amazing pastors—Pastor Lani, Pastor Joseph and Pastor Esther share about linking with the HSGGM family and the impact of that connection on their ministry and personal growth.

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Pastor Lani I. Cuenco

(Pampanga) Philippines
Senior Pastor of Sanctuary
of Glory, Philippines
#18 years with HSGGM



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Pastor Esther &

Pastor Cipriano Marinas
(Tagum City) Philippines
Senior Pastors of Sanctuary
of Glory Praise Center
#4 years with HSGGM



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Pastor Joseph &

Agnes Uzomba
(Port Harcourt) Nigeria
Senior Pastor of God’s Arm
Deliverance Mission Intl. Inc.
#8 years with HSGGM


Q: When did you first connect with HSGGM and what were your first impressions and thoughts about HSGGM?

Pastor LaniI got to know about HSGGM through my former Pastor Reynaldo Cayanan. Our church was one of the pioneers in the HSGGM family as we were connected since the very start of HSGGM till today. I have no regrets being a part of this amazing global family which has brought a lot of positive changes in me as a person and as a pastor.

Pastor Joseph & Agnes : Our first contact with HSGGM was in 2007 through a pastor from Nigeria. We were formally introduced when we attended our first Project Barnabas Conference. Pastor Daniel noticed us and interviewed us out of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It was right there in his office, where we were given a certificate of affiliation and also the welcome pack! The meeting left a deep impression on me concerning Pastor Daniel. It was the impression of a man who walks with the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor Esther & Cipriano: It was in 2012 that we came to Malaysia for a training. That was when we attended our first church service in HSG. We experienced a wonderful welcome by Pastor Daniel, Pastor Deborah, and Mr. Richard Tan. It was during that visit that we were invited to attend the Project Barnabas conference. The visit to HSG made the trip a memorable experience.

Q: What inspired you to connect to HSGGM? 

Pastor Lani: Since the initial meeting with the senior pastors, I have been inspired by their strong leadership and the leadership team. As a part of HSSGM, they are always God driven, strong and faithful in their commitment. The exemplary leadership showed me their generous spirit in serving those around them.

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Pastor Esther & Cipriano : We were inspired by the hospitality, messages and overall experience we encountered in our first Project Barnabas Conference in 2012. It was from that visit that we first connected with HSGGM.

Pastor Joseph & Agnes : We were initially inspired to connect to HSSGM by our desire to look for mentors who could add value to our church’s ministry. The first connection with HSGGM ended my search. We were encouraged by the down to earth approach of Pastor Daniel, Pastor Deborah and Mr. Richard.

Q: What would you say is the biggest impact you’ve experienced after connecting with HSGGM? Can you describe the impact/growth experienced?

Pastor Lani: The biggest transformation I encountered was the growth I had from being an ordinary public school teacher to being an influential pastor serving and making a difference in my country through the church. My life transformed because the church leadership trusted and believed in me as they continued to mentor and support me over the years. I have a clear direction now and I know where I am heading in my future.

Pastor Joseph & Agnes: The teaching methods we got from HSGGM have helped my ministry significantly. Before this, we tried many different teaching models. They did not give us the satisfaction and results we wanted. Now, the church is more mature. Our attitudes have changed and the gap between knowledge and behaviour has been addressed through the Project Barnabas teachings. Our church has grown spiritually as well as in numbers. We are looking to the future with new found confidence and direction.

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Pastor Esther & Cipriano: In June 2012, our church council showed Mr. Richard the lot where we were planning to build our church. By October 2012, we started building our church even though there was not enough funds. However, through Mr. Richard, we were granted the funds we needed from HSGGM. This enabled the continuation of our construction efforts. It is definitely an unexpected favour from God to be connected to HSGGM.

Q: How would you describe Project Barnabas in your own personal experience and how has attending Project Barnabas impacted your ministry/church?

Pastor Lani: I look forward to attending Project Barnabas every year as it has always been a time of rebuilding my passion and commitment to God and my ministry in my country. Project Barnabas has made a remarkable impact on all the Filipino pastors, leaders and workers. I know that who I am today is through the great impact HSGGM and Project Barnabas have had in the leadership of my ministry and my personal growth.

Pastor Joseph & Agnes: From the first moment we attended Project Barnabas it has been an enriching life experience. There has never been a dull moment. The Project Barnabas teachings were wonderful. We see a deliberate plan built into Project Barnabas, targeting the development of the attendees. We never remain the same person after attending Project Barnabas. The experience has also taught us to transfer growth to our church with passion through the dedicated teachings from Project Barnabas.

Pastor Esther & Cipriano: Project Barnabas has always been the big highlight of our year. The first Project Barnabas visit connected us to HSGGM. Since then, we have been blessed by the different key-note speakers and can testify that Project Barnabas is indeed a different program from any we have ever attended. We are empowered both spiritually and economically through the application of what we learnt in Project Barnabas.

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Q: How would you wish to encourage other pastors who are Interested in becoming members of HSGGM?

Pastor Lani: I can only encourage others to join in and realize that the foundation of every success is the meaningful connection of true God-given relationships, which the HSSGM family has given me. Strong relationships help you realize financial support is no longer an issue when you have seen and experienced the spirit of a family who is always willing and ready to stand with you in every journey of ministry.

Pastor Joseph & AgnesWe would advise all pastors to seize the opportunity of connecting with HSGGM and learn from the Project Barnabas conferences in growing and expanding both themselves and their ministry.

Pastor Esther & Cipriano: Attending Project Barnabas is an unexplainable level up in our experience in the ministry. Since we connected with HSGGM, we have never regretted our decision. We believe everyone who connects with HSGGM will receive the same growth as we have.

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What’s HSGGM?

If you are pastoring a church and would like to be connected or know more about HSGGM, please contact:

Wong Lee Chu
National Missions Director
for ministries within Malaysia
E: lcwong7@gmail.com

Richard Tan
International Missions Director
for ministries beyond Malaysia
E: bigrichtan@gmail.com


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