You will always have your Needs Met when you find Your Purpose

His Sanctuary of Glory Global Ministries (HSGGM) is about re-imagining the possibilities and involvement in global mission in a fresh and significant way.
Our goal is to raise families of spiritually vibrant and economically empowered churches which are able to fulfill their God-given mandate and dreams in their countries.

They will become churches which connect the people with the message of the Kingdom of God and give them the inspiration to build a quality life for themselves and help create a better world around them.

Our Story:

During a conference in 1989 in the United States of America, a prophecy was given to Rev. Daniel Cheah, that God would open up the nations of Southeast Asia and beyond to HSG. Following that, the church launched actively into missions to the surrounding countries.

Then in 1995, through a vision God confirmed the prophecy to Rev. Daniel. In that vision, he saw ships sailing across the oceans, and the Holy Spirit said:

"You are a Man of War. As these ships sailed the oceans of the world, so will I take you to the nations... and where you go, I will release the treasures of the nations."

From that point, HSG Global Ministries expanded as God began to open up doors of ministry across the world. After millions of dollars in giving, the Global Ministries of HSG now spans over 10 nations, comprising of a few hundred churches and a global congregation numbering over ten thousand believers.

Our Mission:

Taking the message of Spiritual Restoration and Economic Empowerment to the Nations by Building and Networking Strong Local Churches

Our Vision:

One Church in Many Locations


Our strategies to fulfil the vision of building strong local churches
  • Develop strong and effective leaders and organisational structures
  • Committed discipleship and equipping programmes to transform members into ministers
  • Promote and inculcate positive church culture and spirit
  • Implant and impart visionary thinking and concepts


Please contact our treasurer,
Ms. Sylvia Ho, if you wish to make contributions to the missions fund.

Contact no. +603 7980 5001