Our Vision

To be a global apostolic church movement
We are an international community of congregations with shared values, objectives and commitments, chosen with the purpose to be a witness for the Lord. We are the change agents and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God and are called to go to the Nations as His channel to release the treasures of the nations.

Our Message

Christ’s salvation is one of both body and spirit. The Twin messages of Spiritual Restoration and Economic Empowerment are built with this understanding that the church is meant to inspire and empower men and women to live purposeful and abundant lives – centered upon the promise of love and faith given to those who believe in Jesus. The Kingdom life is filled with provision, potential and power!
Spiritual Restoration
Every person needs to have a born again experience through the finished work of Christ resulting in reconciliation, restoration of relationship with God the Father and eternal life.
Economic Empowerment
An opportunity for men and women to participate in, contribute to and be fairly rewarded from economic activities which uphold their dignity and value of their involvement.

Our Culture

Prayer & Faith in God
People Matters 
Believe & Value People
Pursuit of Excellence
Our Utmost for His Highest
Generosity & Nobility of Heart, Mind & Character
Steadfast Allegiance to God

Our Commitment

Building Strong Local Churches Nationally & Globally
To see the DNA of HSG in many locations across the nations!
Evangelizing, Nurturing, and Discipleship
Equipping  the apostolic church community to fulfill her commission  to be a witness for Christ
Embodying The Message Of Spiritual Restoration & Economic Empowerment
To teach everyone to live a life of spiritual and physical sufficiency
Producing Kingdom Minded Disciples
Developing men & women who embrace biblical culture to establish the Kingdom of God on earth together

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