Stories of Economic Empowerment Success

Ps. Rebecca

The frozen and vegetarian food254083_193618434018692_3433316_n business was bankrupt, or at least close to it, when Pastor Rebecca picked it up with a friend. Inspired by the message of Economic Empowerment, Pastor Rebecca went back to Keningau and ventured into the business with her friend. Knowing that she would not be able to run the business without wisdom, this was exactly what she prayed for, for God to give her wisdom to run the business, and to talk to the people that she will meet.
Her prayer was answered: today, the business has three branches, and even her business partner has to admit that there is a special favour upon her.
Things are moving along well. Her business partner, recognizing the source of their success, has started giving a portion of the income to the church. Through the business, Pastor Rebecca has been able to provide job opportunities to her church members and support the ministry financially. She hopes that with time, as the business grows, she will be able to do even more to grow God’s kingdom.



Ps. Daniel Asinor

With the mobile phone business he started through the help of HSGGM, Pastor Daniel Asinor has been able to save up for a new car. He is now using the car as a taxi, opening up a new stream of income for him.
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