God Our Provider


After driving the same second hand car for 11 years, Pastor Sanchita had always desired to get a new car, and if it were not for the financial burden that came with the price tag on a new car, she would have bought it many years ago.

It was a Sunday when they drove the car, and the automobile jerked and spluttered throughout the entire journey, threatening to break down at any time. Behind the wheels, Pastor Sanchita prayed for journey mercy, and at the back of her mind, hoped that this would be the last time they had to sit in this car.

Their miracle came when Pastor Samuel’s aunt sent them a love gift – and that really became the last Sunday they sat in the old car. When Monday rolled around, the keys to a brand new Toyota Innova Top Model was passed to them.

“God may not always answer you at once,” Pastor Sanchita said, “But when you need Him to, He does!”



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