About Us


To be a global apostolic church movement

We are an international community of congregations with shared values, objectives and commitments, chosen with the purpose to be a witness for the Lord. We are the change agents and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God and are called to go to the Nations as His channel to release the treasures of the nations.



Christ’s salvation is one of both body and spirit. The Twin messages of Spiritual Restoration and Economic Empowerment are built with this understanding that the church is meant to inspire and empower men and women to live purposeful and abundant lives – centered upon the promise of love and faith given to those who believe in Jesus. The Kingdom life is filled with provision, potential and power!

Spiritual Restoration

Every person needs to have a born again experience through the finished work of Christ resulting in reconciliation, restoration of relationship with God the Father and eternal life.

The cross of Jesus Christ is the sign of God’s love for us. It is the reason why Spiritual Restoration exists for humanity. When men and women place their faith in Christ, the way is opened to them to be reconciled and restored to their spiritual origin and position. Their faith in Christ creates a Father-child relationship with God and they now become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. As a citizen of His Kingdom, believers are able to enjoy a life of peace, abundance, productivity, and favor with God. Spirituality is not just a form or state of being holy. It is also a valuable and vital ingredient for successful living. In fact, it is through this same Spiritual Restoration, we are able to experience and enjoy the same grace of God’s provision through our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Economic Empowerment

An opportunity for men and women to participate in, contribute to and be fairly rewarded from economic activities which uphold their dignity and value of their involvement.

In Christ we are heirs to the promise given to Abraham and enjoy the provisions of God. John 2 shows us that the grace of God is sufficient to satisfy a person’s spiritual and material needs when we are reconciled to Him. The concept of Economic Empowerment is based on the indisputable fact that Spiritual Restoration and material prosperity are linked. Material and wealth provision is a consequence of spiritual pursuit not out of it, for it is God who gives us the power to create wealth and meet our needs (Deuteronomy 8:18).