Our Culture & Commitment


    • God-Centered – Prayer & Faith in God
    • People Matters – Believe & Value People
    • Pursuit of Excellence – Our Utmost for His Highest
    • Magnanimous – Generousity & Nobility of Heart, Mind & Character
    • Faithful – Steadfast Allegiance to God



    • Building Strong Local Churches Nationally & Globally
      – To see the DNA of HSG in many locations across the nations!
    • Evangelizing, Nurturing, and Discipleship
      – Equipping  the apostolic church community to fulfill her commission  to be a witness for Christ
    • Embodying The Message Of Spiritual Restoration & Economic Empowerment
      – To teach everyone to live a life of spiritual and physical sufficiency
    • Producing Kingdom Minded Disciples
      – Developing men & women who embrace biblical culture to establish the Kingdom of God on earth together